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Maintenance Thermoforming Machine

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Material Workshop
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Polishing Plastic Molds
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Thermoforming Workshop

Our company's blister products are adapt to: cosmetics, food, handicrafts, health products, toys, hardware, home appliances, stationery and electronic semiconductor industry packaging.

The blister products can be used as a product care, cover, folding, three side folding, paper-plastic single-sided heat, high-frequency double-sided heat and so on.

Commonly used material: PVC, PS, PP, PET, PE, OPS, ABS, gold or silver plating films, all kinds of flocking films, antistatic films, conductive films.

1. Advanced production equipment: We have advanced plastic thermoforming production lines and related equipment.

2. Strong technical force: our production and the scale of production staff have many years of production experience. We can do many kinds of design that others can not do. Making customer satisfaction.

3. Exquisite, hygienic, clean and tidy has always been our strict management standards.

4. Reasonable price: we are reasonably priced. We also have domestic and imported a variety of materials for customers to choose, positioning pricing. We will never reduce quality in order to lower price.

5. High-quality after-sales service: so that customers be assured that their own continuous improvement has always been our aim.

Please contact us when your product needs a fine blister packing. We will be good quality, faster speed to provide you with services

Universal Plastics can meet your end-to-end plastics manufacturing needs – we offer in-house design & engineering services, tooling capabilities and a variety of secondary services to complement our custom thermoforming expertise.
Our products and the industries we serve are continuously growing and range from plastic trays, plastic clamshell packaging, radomes, product housings, manufacturing aids and part protection for OEMs across aerospace,
medical devices, electronics and numerous other industries.

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Cups Bowl Workshop
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Rubber Exhibition
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HDPE Bearing Turnover Tray
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Product Inspection
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Shipping Australia
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Thermoforming Machine Overhaul

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